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We create videos for brands and personal promos
We worked with
Visa | Olympic Games promo

We created 6 promo videos portraits:
– Directing the video
– Interviewing / creative copywrite
– Shooting and editing
Gres Todorchuk PR | Business Springboard

We created 10 promo videos:
– Creation and implementation of the intro
– Shooting process organization
– Writing scripts for video
– Shooting and editing the video
Gres Todorchuk PR | CEO for 1 day

We created 4 episods:
– Development of an intro project
– Shooting organization
– Shooting and editing
Kaminskyi | Art film

We created a 10 minute film:
– Direction
– Shooting, editing
– Motion graphics
– Writing original music together with Ukrainian musicians Klimenko and Krut
– Writing a music album She is Andy that you can listen to on Apple Music
Kaminskyi | YouTube Show

We created 60 episodes of YOUTUBE-project:
– Shooting and editing

We created promo videos for company:
– Development of an intro project
– Organization of shooting
– Shooting and editing
ELEKS | HR-campaign

We created 8 promo videos:
– Shooting and editing videos about company
Reviews and contacts
Gres Todorchuk always chooses to work with the best. We have created the coolest projects in synergy with various teams, including Cofounder. Over more than 5 years of partnership, we have created a dozen unique video projects - from UNCOUNTED since 1932, in memory of the Holodomor victims, to Visa Elevator Pitch Day, in which Ukrainian entrepreneurs presented their business to top businessmen and received investment. Cofounder Studio is always not just a "contractor", not mechanical hands that follow clear instructions, but create meanings and ideas that coolly convey the essence to the viewer. The coverage of our joint projects exceeded 100 million contacts long ago, and we just warmed up!

Daria Lubimova
COO at Gres Todorchuk PR
I am the chief designer of ISEI. We are a network of beauty stores across the country. Of course we need cool content, because content is everything! We imagined how to do it, but not with whom. When we started looking for a creative team, all we needed were people who would read our thoughts. Think like us, understand what we want to say when we explain in hand-waving terms, be committed and strive for results, not just for money and "within contract". Is it possible to find people who care? People who are sincere and are like a family? For sure, it is very, very difficult, it must be destiny... We met our destiny a year ago, they were young and beautiful, our two angels are Nikita and Julia. To work with them is to know that everything will be cooler than you could have imagined. They will help when your creativity is already at zero, that you will constantly hear: "You're cool, we love you", that during the night shooting you will be hugged, that when you need to shoot 20 units of content in two days, no one will stop until everything is filmed. It is so important and so valuable to have people like them among contractors, friends ...
Olya Solomkina
Lead Designer at ISEI beauty market
We had experience working with the cofounder team to collect signatures for a PrisonersVoice petition to release Kremlin hostages illegally held behind bars in Russia and the occupied Crimea and Donbas. To do this, we enlisted the support of well-known singers, journalists and writers, who agreed to appear in a commercial calling for the petition. Cofounder agreed to work with us pro bono and approached the case with full responsibility. They gathered a wonderful team of people from different fields, who developed the text of the manifesto, organized the filming, provided the smallest details from makeup on the set to photos on the backstage for social networks. Throughout their work, they patiently listened to and implemented our wishes, and acted as full partners of the project, interested in its successful outcome. So it is not surprising that in all eight years of our work on the release of illegally detained people by Russia, this was the best video of the campaign.
Oleksandra Matviychuk
Head of the Center for Civil Liberties
Our experience in working with Nikita and the team is nothing but positive. They produced for Admixer tons of educational video, which helped us to stand our with the quality of production. Our goal was to scale our video content direction and to publish a new video every week. The team guided us on every stage of our project: from creating a brief to title credits design for Youtube. Creative, brave and cooperative!

Hanna Yatel
Ex-CMO у Admixer
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